Over 50's Tai Chi Classes in Bury and Wild Goose Qigong (chi kung)
With The British Chen Style Tai Chi College 

There are many Tai Chi classes in Greater Manchester, but  we have been established teaching Tai Chi classes here in Bury since 2000.
The British Chen Style Tai Chi College was founded in 2000 by Sue Johnson who has been running Tai Chi classes in Bury and Greater Manchester for over 25 years, teaching authentic Chen Style Tai Chi (Old Frame). In addition to Chen Style Tai Chi, Tai Chi Sword, Fan, Sabre and Stick,  we also teach Wild Goose Qigong. (Chi kung)
More details are on the classes page. Click on the tab at the top marked "Classes"
Our instructor Sue Johnson has trained for over 25 years with frequent visits to China to ensure that the teaching is both accurate and up to date.
  Sue now focuses on Tai Chi for Health and Wellbeing, especially for mature bodies!  Sue has also practised Wild goose Qigong since 1990, and has trained in Wuhan with the Grandmaster of the system, so she has a wealth of experience in Qigong too. 
 All our classes are suitable for people aged 50+. Learn how to relax with the slow gentle movements of Tai Chi and Qigong. Discover how Tai Chi and Qigong can maintain your joint mobility and flexibility. Find out how Tai Chi Wellbeing exercises can improve your health.  Come and learn how you can benefit from this system of Chinese exercises for health and wellbeing.
 Our class times are all listed on the "Classes" page. They are conveniently located at the Jubilee Centre, in Clarence Park, Bury and are supported by Age UK Bury. 

First 15 Movements of the Tai Chi Old Frame Form 

Here you can see Sue Johnson performing the "First 15" Form, which we learn on Tuesday morning at the Jubilee Centre. 
There are other videos on this website.
On the CLASSES page you will find the beginners 9 Form with a front and a back view
On the HEALTH page you will find the movements for the 2nd part 15 -30 and also the last section of the Form.
We hope that these videos will help you with your practise. If you like the video above and want to follow it, here is the back view!

What is Tai Chi ?

Tai Chi really means " the balance between Yin and Yang." This means opposite yet complimentary actions. Up and down, in and out (breathing), stretching and relaxing. The movement exercises known as Tai Chi, or Tai Chi Chuan (taiji quan) to give it its proper name, is also a combination of:-

* Martial Arts movements
* Traditional Chinese Medicine
* Breathing techniques known as "Qigong"
* The principles of Yin and Yang
* Relaxation

Tai Chi (chuan) really mean Tai Chi boxing, or Tai Chi fist , and is primarily a martial art. Because of its many other ingredients it can also be used to promote relaxation, wellbeing and generally improve health. This is particularly due to the Qigong aspects of the exercises. 

What is Qigong?

Qigong, pronounced " Chee gung" is a Chinese health exercise system based on yin and yang. 

It uses stretching and relaxing, whilst breathing in and out, to open and close the body.

With no martial applications, this gentle wellbeing exercise has been used in China for self healing since earliest times and can be dated back almost 2000 years.  In China, you often see older Chinese people practising this in the parks. Westerners often cannot tell the difference between Qigong and Tai Chi!

By following and mimicking animal movements, the ancient Chinese believed that the could maintain their own health and increase longevity. The movements open the Acu-points and promote the circulation of the life force energy (QI).The internal organs are brought in to harmony and balance. Negative energy, which causes stagnation and illness is flushed out and replaced by fresh Qi from the universe. It uses the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to promote Self Healing, self nurturing and wellbeing. 

We use exercises from both of these systems in our Tai Chi Wellbeing classes. 

Wild Goose Qigong in Bury

In addition to the Over 50,s Tai Chi Wellbeing classes, we also offer Wild Goose Qigong classes in Bury. These are for all ages ( over 18)
Our Wild Goose Qigong teaching comes directly from Grandmaster Chen Chuangang, the 28th generation lineage holder of this system, and son of Yang Meijun.

Wild Goose Qigong started almost 2000 years ago and is credited to Dao An, who translated the Buddhist texts into Chinese. This makes it 1000 years older than Tai Chi! 
Our Wild Goose Qigong classes in Bury are open to both beginners  of all ages (over 18) and also to those who may have previous experience, and who now wish to re-learn the accurate, authentic version of this form that was handed down to former Grandmaster Yang Meijun from her Grandfather Yang De Shan.
Please see www.wildgooseqigong-uk.com for more information. 

Bury Wild Goose Qigong Classes

Classes in Bury are on:-  Sunday -  Beginners 10.45 - 11.30 , Improvers 10.45 - 12.15. Castle Leisure Centre  

Below you can see a video of the lovely wild Goose Qigong 1st 64, which we learn in Bury.  In our Tai Chi sessions we also cover the first sections of this routine. (movements 1 - 23)

Wild Goose Qigong 1st 64

Contact Us

For information about our Tai Chi Classes or about Wild Goose Qigong in Bury:
Call Sue Johnson on 0161 762 0609 or email [email protected]
Also please see the Wild Goose Qigong web site www.wildgooseqigong-uk.com
Find us on Facebook  https://m.facebook.com/taichiandwildgooseqigongbury

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