John Chang - Profile

John Chang, was born in Liverpool to Chinese parents. He teaches classes in Oldham and Rochdale. .He is pictured here on the left, in a recent Pushing Hands training session in 2017. 
From an early age he took a keen interest in Martial Arts. When he was 17 he began to train Karate with Andy Sherry and Bob Poynton. During the early 1980s he joined the famous "Red Triangle Club" and was fortunate to train with Sensei Enoida and Sensei Kanazawa.

Before taking up Tai Chi in 1986, John had also studied Judo and Aikido, and had also practised some Wing Chun and Capoeira.
  • John Chang started his Tai Chi training in Rochdale with John Bolwell, learning the 24 Step Yang form and some of the Chen Style New Frame.
  • He took part in a seminar on the 24 Step with Professor Li Deyin.
  • He has also learned some of the Wudang Style Tai Chi before joining the British Chen Style Tai Chi College in 2003. Since then he has learned the Old Frame, Old Frame Cannon Fist, Sword, Sabre and Pushing Hands.  He is also a keen practitioner of stick and staff forms.
  • He has trained with Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei on many of his UK visits.
  • John has also made several training trips to China, where he has trained with Master Liu Yong, Indoor disciple of Chen Zhenglei, and also with Master Chen Bin. He currently trains in Manchester with Wang Haijun

John Chang Sword Form

Additional Info

John Chang has worked as a Psychiatric nurse, a Health Visitor and a lecturer in Nursing at Salford University.
  • He has also studied Shiatsu and is a Reiki Healer.
  • He holds a degree in Psychology, a Certificate in Education, and also a City and Guilds Teaching Qualification.
  • John also studies and teaches Wild Goose Qigong, having attended several workshops with Dr Bingkun Hu. 
  • He holds a Certificate for 200 hours of Intensive Wild Goose Qigong Training.
  • He has taught Tai Chi for Oldham Lifelong Learning.
  • A teacher of Tai Chi and Qigong for over 20 years John Chang currently teaches in Oldham and Rochdale.
  • He also teaches classes in Day Care and in Sheltered Housing.
John Chang continues to develop his Tai Chi attending UK workshops with Chen Xiao Xing and Chen Ziqiang. He also attends regular classes with Master Wang Haijun.